Caribbean Workout - Caribbean Workout

Our Host: Shelly McDonald

Shelly McDonald has been the long time host of the Caribbean Workout and is recognized as one the top fitness instructors and presenters in North America.  Shelly has a degree in Physical Education from McGill University, is a college professor and the Fitness Director at the Montreal Athletic Association, one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious sports clubs. 

Shelly’s approach to fitness, training and health is simple, it’s all about balance and making fitness a regular part of your daily lifestyle.  Take it day by day with a proper exercise program or participation in a lifetime sport and watch the benefits extend to all areas of your life.  

Shelly’s presentations on the Caribbean Workout focus on making exercise easy to follow and fun.  Each presents the latest and most effective fitness trends.  Shelly’s energy level is also contagious despite the fact she sometimes tapes as many as 6 half hour shows each day under the blazing Caribbean sun.

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