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“I would like to thank you for producing this absolutely fantastic workout program. The workouts are easy to follow, yet still physically demanding. The hosts are talented and the beautiful scenery makes me feel as if I’m in Barbados. Thanks you again from a dedicated fan.” (Rosie F.)

“I’ve been watching the Caribbean Workout almost since it started. I love it! It’s really a show Canadians can be proud of. The moves are easy yet challenging. Love the locations. You have all done an amazing job. Thank you for listening and keep up the awesome show” (Joanne C.)

“I LOVE Caribbean Workout and have been a huge fan for 12 years. I have also been to Barbados 6 times because of the show. It’s my favorite island. Thanks for an energetic and fun way to workout. Looking forward to many more seasons to come.” (Catherine S.)

“Viewers love the show and working with you is a pleasure for all.” (David W.,Canada.)

“The workouts are filmed at various locations in Barbados and the scenery is worth the price of the workout’s alone.” (Discovery FIT TV viewer.)

“Fantastic show. My two favorite words are passion and motivation which describes this program to a tee.” (Sharyn B., Kelowna B.C.)

“You make working out fun and I enjoy the program tremendously.” (Bernadette L., Montreal, QC)

“The Caribbean Workout has greatly benefited my overall health and I just wanted to say great show.” (C.B.H. Toronto, ON)

“I recently discovered this fabulous workout show. I absolutely love it. I just love it. So much energy, and such beautiful scenes makes me want to exercise.” (Mary, Ottawa, ON)

“We are faithful watchers and participants, but where can we get the great music that’s played daily on the show.” (Bill, Winnipeg, MB)

“Thanks for your boundless energy, and most of all your wacky humor that keeps me laughing while I sweat.” (Dalit H.)

“I love your show. It is the greatest and it got me through the long cold winter. The show is very unique and offers many exercise options.” (Perry D., Toronto, ON)

“I just wanted to tell you that I'm totally amazed by the tremendous work your entire crew does. I can honestly say you keep me going strong even though I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 4 months ago.” (Nathalie C.)

“You can workout and educate at the same time. You guys are doing a wonderful job.” (Bill S.)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily workout and have recommended it to many of my friends.” (Priscilla C., New York)

“I have tried several different exercise programs on television but this is the best” (Cheryl S., Ithaca, MI)

“Fantastic show. You have really outdone yourself this time with wonderful footage and quality of content.” (Theresa H.)

“Cool show. As a fitness club owner I enjoy seeing the latest techniques and care towards safety.” (Patricia K., B.C.)

“I congratulate TSN on producing its own quality workout which is a vast improvement over ESPN’s Fitness Pros.” (Janet D., Dundas, ON)

“You and the girls have been instrumental in my losing over 20 lbs and becoming lean and fit, what an encouragement you have been.” (Theresa H.)

“This is an excellent quick paced workout. Thanks for responding so well to viewers needs.” (Bonnie S., Duncan, B.C.)

“I really want to congratulate you on the Caribbean Workout. Its very inspirational and creative.” (Jane A., North Vancouver)

“I'm addicted to your program and have noticed a great difference it makes to my energy level and body tone.” (Scott O., Eugene, OR)

“Compared to other television exercise broadcasts I feel that your sessions are far superior in content, technique and information.” (Claudia C., Montreal, QC)

“This show is much better than the American shows. I hope you will continue to provide viewers with this kind of excellent Canadian programming.” (Garry M., Cornwall, ON)

“The Caribbean Workout is a blast. Please keep the show in its current time slot. You have made me and about a dozen of my friends very happy. Thank you. (Lesley F., Newmarket, ON)

“I just bought the DVD at Wal-Mart and I’m very impressed. The Barbados location is beautiful.” (Discovery Fit TV viewer)

“The whole crew gives excellent performances and we hope the show will continue the good work for a long, long run.” (Ruth K., Lantzville, B.C.)

“This is the best and most energizing workout I have ever seen on TV. Thanks for a great show.” (Willa-Jean F., Edmonton, AB)

“We live in Sicily, Italy and see the Caribbean Workout on the American Forces Network. I love it, it’s a great motivation and the instructors are better than any others on TV. The scenic backgrounds make me look forward to working out and I really appreciate the different workouts each day. Hope I can find the show when we move back to San Diego in December.” (Courtney M., Sicily, IT)

“I just wanted to thank the crew for such a fun and energetic show. You have made exercising fun again. Up to now, I have lost 38 pounds and keep losing.” (Adriana M., USA)

“I have been following the Caribbean Workout for years n TV, and it has become my favorite workout. I was so excited when it finally came out on DVD. It’s easy to follow, provides and excellent workout and its pleasant to watch because of the beautiful location in Barbados.” (Discovery Fit TV viewer)

“I’m a Marine currently serving in Iraq. Life isn’t too bad out here, but your show “ Caribbean Workout”, makes it that much better. There isn’t much to look forward too other than leaving, but every morning my Marines and I stand by the television waiting for Shelly and her co-hosts to come on.” (Sgt. Michael A.)

“Caribbean Workout was a great inspiration to me when I was unhealthy. When I first joined a gym in 2005 after working out to the show for over a year my body fat was 10.4, however when was tested a few months later it remained the same because I wasn’t working out to the shows. I have since tried out 2 different trainers at the gym but neither have measured up to Shelly’s standards.” (Ellen L., Brooklyn, NY)

“I have been doing the Caribbean Workout for 10 years now. I LOVE IT. The program has inspired me so much to become healthy and happy. The show is AWESOME, keep up the good work.” (Francesca R.)

“I really enjoy the variety of workouts on the show and the knowledge of the instructors. I’m a physiotherapist and this is the only show I recommend to my clients. I have watched it for many years. Keep up the good work.” (Barb M., Melfort, SK)

“I’m a huge fan of the Caribbean Workout, and have been following the show for 12 years. I have tapes upon tapes of the old workouts. I recently purchased your Kickboxing, Aerobics and Step DVD’s and love them. Shelly is so energizing, and Joanna and Carolyn make it so light and fun. The fast pace and creative routines keep things interesting, and provide a fantastic workout.” (Heather S., Mississauga, ON)

“Thanks for producing such a great show. I’m always energized and never feel bored, since each workout is so different.” (Jennifer D., Toronto, ON)

“Love your show and host. She is such a wonderful role model for women. She not only teaches people how to be healthy but also how to be successful, powerful and strong. Thanks for pushing me everyday to be better.” (Romina M., Toronto, ON)

“I have not missed a single show since February 1995. Whenever anybody tells me what great shape I’m in for an Old Girl I tell them thanks to the Caribbean Workout. Keep up the wonderful and much appreciated work.” (Anne Marie S., Canada)

“What impressed me the most about the show, besides the beautiful scenery, was how much I sweated and how good I felt afterwards.” (Milena A., Ontario) “Thanks for a great 2006 season. Lots of new workouts and a great bunch of Bosu workouts, my favorite.” (Diana S., Toronto, ON)

“I absolutely love the Caribbean Workout. It is the best workout show on television.” (Mariza M.)

“Please tell the cast and crew what a fabulous program it is. I’m a home exerciser, who got very bored with my tapes, and the rare televised show is so unvaried. It makes each day a thrill to wake up and exercise before work. The innovative and challenging workouts are fabulous. May the show never go off the air.” (Heather L., Vancouver, B.C.)

“I would go to your place in Canada and wash you car to get new episodes of the show. You produce a great product. (Bryon B., San Francisco)

“I’m 49 years old and addicted to the Caribbean Workout program and have made it a regular part of my workout routine, five days a week.” (Diana R., Oakville, ON)

“I just wanted to say I LOVE this show. I have been doing it on and off for the past 12 years. For the last 2 years I have recorded each episode and have a great time working out in my living room. I have a gym membership as well, but find there is so much variety and so much motivation is each episode, that I don’t need to the gym. The girls make it fun and dynamic.” (Heather S., Toronto, ON)

“I just want to say how great this show is. The hosts are absolutely terrific. They deserve as much praise as possible.” (Helen S.)

“I’m 13 years old and every morning I get ready for an hour long session of the Caribbean Workout before I go to school. As a teenager I think its very important to have a healthy body and mind and that’s why I exercise to your program.” (Lynda-Lee C.)

“I watch your show on the Armed Forces Network in Iraq. Ms McDonald and her two co-hosts are the epitome of fitness. Furthermore, it’s my opinion that Shelly represents a very positive role model for women with the right body image, compared to other programs that highlight overly muscled or anorexic trainers. Add all that an upbeat air of genuine fun in a beautiful locale and I’m ready to sign up.” (Major Brenden R., Al Taqqadum, Iraq)

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