Caribbean Workout - Caribbean Workout

Behind the Scences

It takes a dedicated and talented team of professionals to tape any good TV series and we have been fortunate to have some of the best working on this program. Most of our crew work regularly on TV shows or motion pictures and many of them have been with the Caribbean Workout since its inception in 1994.

 The efforts of this crew have resulted in unusually high production values for a program of this kind and that has made the show a winner with TV networks, audiences and corporate sponsors.  The Caribbean Workout was also the first fitness show to be shot in HD and televised on HDNet in the USA.

It normally takes about 3 weeks on location to shoot an entire 50-episode season of the Caribbean Workout.  We air freight a ton and half of equipment to the Caribbean and then build a TV studio in a large bus that allows us to move from one scenic location to another.

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